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Fun Ways to Earn Points

Above, students from Wayne and Crawford Counties joined forces to plant red maple trees at Hartwick Pines State Park in May 2008. Michigan Green Schools raised over $1,000 last year to plant the trees. See another photo from that day.

Michigan Wildlife Awareness

The trumpeter swan is a threatened species in Michigan and active steps have been taken to save it. The DNR brought in Alaskan swan eggs and raised the cygnets (babies) for two years before releasing them.

These swans are often confused with snow geese and mistakenly shot by hunters. In the last six years, 1,300 trumpeters have died in the United States from lead poisoning when they ingest lead shot and lead sinkers in ponds.

Students who would like to help protect the swans can contact the Michigan Audubon Society or view the Trumpeter Swan Society website, both of which have several ways you can help.

Ideas for activities:

  • read E.B. White's book The Trumpet of the Swan
  • adopt a swan that is wearing a special radio collar and track its journeys
  • students can make posters to raise community awareness on the dangers of lead shot and lead sinkers

photo: David Kenyon, Michigan DNR

Welcome to the Michigan Green School Website

New Materials For You!

At our June 3 County Coordinators Meeting each coordinator was given new educational support materials for your schools to use.  Please take a look at this list below.

Portable solar cook kit and a solar event kit.  The cook kit is very easy to use and students can bake apples, hot dogs, even solar brownies with a recipe from the solar cook kit.  You will need to provide a dark covered roasting pan to do cooking.

The solar event kit is a color 18 minute cd on solar cooking and how it works.  It also shows how solar cooking is being used in Kenya which is suffering from severe deforestation on how these cookers help deal with this problem.  There are also three color posters demonstrating the science of solar cooking and how to solar cook.  There are also a number of solar recipes on the cd including those great solar brownies.

Great Lakes lesson plans   Each county now has a set of copyright free lesson plans that meet Michigan Curriculum standards K-12.  Michigan Green Schools Foundation bought The Great Lakes and My World with these broad range of lesson plans that can be used in many subject areas. This book was created by The Alliance for The Great Lakes. We wish to thank the Alliance for giving Michigan Green Schools a discount on this purchase.

Great Lakes color plant and animal cards.  Each county now has access to a set of over 60 illustrated information cards.  There is a color drawing on the front of each card and extensive information on the back.  They lend themselves to science and art projects easily. 


Michigan Green Schools Foundation has additional indoor outdoor flags available for those schools requesting them. This is the flag with the map of Michigan on it as seen in the upper right hand corner of the opening page of the webpage.  These are 28 inches by 40 inches and are double sided. They have grommets for outdoor hanging. It should be noted that even an indoor outdoor flag will last a maximum of one year in outdoor conditions.  The flags are $19.30 a unit. Please contact Michigan Green Schools or your local county coordinator.

Become a Green School and...

Thanks for visiting the Michigan Green School website. Here you'll find lots of resources to help you become a Green School. You'll find tons of great ideas for green activities throughout the site.

...help save the Great Lakes!

No other state in America is surrounded by as many of the Great Lakes as Michigan (we touch four out of five), and if we have the privilege to enjoy their beauty and recreational offerings, we equally have an obligation for stewardship to keep them clean and safe for wildlife and future generations. Schools can get involved in programs to monitor the health of our Great Lakes and learn how to "tread gently". To raise awareness to some of our endangered or threatened Michigan species, we're featuring several spotlight columns on these pages.

...help save energy!

One of the best ways to be green is to leave a small carbon footprint, and that includes reducing use of plastic bottles, installing energy-saving measures in the schools and at home, recycling paper and wrappers (and getting money for them, too!), and asking local officials to adopt environmentally sustainable practices. Find resources and more ideas on this site!

Getting the Most from this Website

Most schools have some questions on how to get started and what kind of activities they can do under the 20 Points. Go the FAQs on the tool bar to get most of your questions answered.

Another good resource is your county coordinator. We have provided a list of current county coordinators for the school year 2009-2010. If your county does not have a coordinator, then contact Michigan Green School and we will assist you and make sure you receive the official designation for this year.

There are lots of interesting and fun ways to meet the ten necessary points for Green School certification. We will be passing on new projects and ideas to you on a regular basis under the News and Activities tool bars. We also welcome ideas from participating schools and will post Green School Events. We have some exciting corporate sponsors who are going to provide some great rewards. Be sure and check the News section often.